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Ciocca Volkswagen Lease Maturity Center

You're leasing a Volkswagen and you've diligently made your payments.  You've received the letter in the mail from Volkswagen Credit, Inc. telling you your lease term is over soon. 

You Have 4 Options When The End of Your Lease Rolls Around

For our on-line customers, if you finance your lease buyout through our website, we will provide you with a free 150 point certified pre-owned vehicle inspection! If you return your lease to us through the website and purchase or lease a new vehicle from Ciocca Volkswagen, we will give you $250 to apply to either your new vehicle or towards any excess mileage and wear charges from your lease turn-in!*

Ready To Make A Decision?  Just click one of the 4 options at the top of the page to start the process!

Lease Maturity FAQ's 

1.) Can I return my lease to a dealer I didn't purchase it from?
  • Yes!  You can return your lease to any Volkswagen Dealer - regardless if you leased it from the originally or not!

2.) How can I get a payoff quote for my auto lease?
  • We can take care of that for you at Ciocca Volkswagen - simply fill out this form, put "PAYOFF REQUEST" in the Comments/Questions section and someone will be in contact with you shortly!

3.) Can I end my lease early?
  • You are able to buyout your lease at any time.  You are also able to trade-in your vehicle at any time. You are also able to turn-in your lease at any time and are only responsible for the remaining payments on your lease.

4.) Is it difficult to buyout my lease?
  • Absolutely not!  With Ciocca VW's Lease Maturity Center, you simply have to fill out 2 forms, the "Lease Buyout Form" and our "Secure Credit Application."  One of our Business Managers would take care of lining up the financing using one of our 15 different lending instructions.  Once everything is set up, the Business Director will contact you to set up a time for you to come in and complete your paperwork.  The paperwork process will take approximately an hour and you will be on your way!

5.) Can someone else purchase my leased vehicle?
  • Volkswagen Credit is unable to conduct third-party sales.  Your leased vehicle may only be purchased by the original lessee(s) or by a dealer.
  • If you have someone who is interested in purchasing your leased vehicle, Ciocca VW is able to purchase that vehicle first from VW Credit and then resell it to the interested party!  Simply fill out our Return Your Lease Form and indicate in the "Comments" section you have an individual who is interested in purchasing your vehicle!  
6.) How long does the lease turn-in paperwork typically take?
  • If you have filled out all of the information on-line before hand, and there are no unforeseen circumstances it typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete the lease return

7.) How long does the lease buyout paperwork typically take?
  • If you have filled out all of the information on-line before hand, and there are no unforeseen circumstances, it typically takes 45?60 minutes to complete the lease buyout.

8.) What if I don't know if I want to buyout my lease or lease a new vehicle?
  • We have a full staff of professionals who are here to help you make the best decision for you!  Simply fill out our  Lease Buyout form, indicate in the "Comments" section you're undecided if you want to buyout your lease or purchase a new vehicle!  We'll have an expert ready to help you make the best decision!

9.) When should I have my vehicle inspected? 
  • It is recommended you have the inspection done within the last 2 months of your lease.  This is recommended, because if any repairs are due, you have time to complete them before your lease term expires.

10.) Why can't I just have my dealer perform the inspection of my vehicle?
  • Authorized agents are the only ones who are able to provide End-of-Lease Inspection.   However, you are able to turn your vehicle into us upon Lease Return and we can contact the Authorized Agent to perform the inspection.
11.) How long does the inspection take?
  • Typically -- the inspection takes approximately an hour, unless there is excess damage to your vehicle.

12.) Do I have to be present during the inspection?
  • While it's tempting to hand over your keys and let the inspection proceed without you, we encourage you to be present for it.  Your presence at the inspection will allow you to have a greater understanding of the results, and of any charges your vehicle may be assessed.  Since you'll be asked to sign the report, you'll want to be present as the inspector looks at the vehicle.  Additionally, you'll receive a copy of the report for your records.  If you simply can't be present for the inspection, enlist someone who knows your vehicle well to be there. 
13.) What if I want to extend my lease?
  • If you're interested in keeping your leased vehicle a little longer, or you just want to wait for a new Volkswagen to come in, well consider extending your current lease.  You can, in most cases, extend your lease for one or more months at the same monthly payment.  Contact Volkswagen Credit and one of their Customer Service Representatives can provide details about extending a lease.

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