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Posted 404 days ago

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I was smelling hot oil when the engine got...

Schnecksville, PA

I was smelling hot oil when the engine got warm and I had the heater/fan on. I took my 1995 VW Cabrio Convertible to Cicocca to have it checked out. The problem was a broken dip-stick but while they were checking out the vehicle they found a coolant hose that was very swollen and could have exploded at any time. They suggested I change that as well which I agreed to. Thank goodness they were very thorough and found the hose because I could have lost all my coolant had the hose exploded. This is the 3rd time I have been to Cicocca in the past 2 months (the other time was inspection and repairs and they also found a safety issue with the steering as well as repaired a very bad mistake another mechanic had made.). The staff is courteous, helpful and the mechanics are top notch. Needless to say Cicocca is the only place I will take my Cabrio. I tell everyone I know what a great organization Cicocca is. Good job!!!

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