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Posted 170 days ago

Confirmed Service Customer

The lock broke on the driver's side door...

Schnecksville, PA

The lock broke on the driver's side door handle and so it was impossible to secure my vehicle by locking that door. I went to Cicocca and spoke to the parts person and he looked up the cost to put in a new lock. Since I would need an entire door handle, the cost made it impossible to justify paying that large amount for a door handle and that didn't include the labor. He looked further and found an after-market door handle which was much less expesive and then agreed to install it which was amazing. They ordered the door handle/lock and called me when it arrived. I made an appointment the next week and in two hours it was installed and works great. Again, as usual, Cicocca went above and beyond to help me with a 1995 VW Cabrio Convertible. I know it is a 22 year old vehicle, but I love that car and they always seem to go out of their way to assist me with obtaining parts and installation. Great job!!!

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