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Posted 42 days ago

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I brought my 2007 passat in to have an...

Allentown, PA

I brought my 2007 Passat in to have an engine noise checked out. It developed that the oil pump had been failing for some time, and had filled the engine with shards of metal. The engine was completely ruined and instead of replacing it, I decided to buy a new car from Ciocca VW. The dealership manager covered all the charges for removing the oil pan on the 2007 Passat and diagnosing the problem with the engine. Although I am sorry that the engine failed, I was treated fairly and respectfully by all involved. The service manager arranged for me to have a loaner car so that I could take a long planned trip over the weekend. On Monday I returned to Ciocca VW and leased a new 2017 VW Passat. Well done in all aspects!

Business Response
We hope you have many safe and enjoyable miles in your new Passat. Ciocca VW Service will be here to help you keep in on the road safely. Enjoy the Holidays!
Dec 12, 2017 
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