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Posted 66 days ago

Confirmed Service Customer

This service visit was continuation of...

Coopersburg, PA

This service visit was continuation of previous service I had about 3 weeks before this one. Apparently during the time between the last service and this one my battery died although the car was in garage and not driven. My service advisor suggested the battery was old and needed to be replaced. I expressed concern that this may be related to cleaning battery work service performed last time. Ultimately I gave up arguing my case and agreed to replace battery. Service advisor promised to take off the last service charge for this work (which I later learned was not done). Day later my mother in law that drives the car told me that the high beam lights do not work. I basically gave up in this service and will be looking for someone else. I shared this story via email a week ago and heard nothing back. Going to this service is very painful and repeated visits just steal time from me. I need to find reliable service that gets things fixed first time. Very unhappy.

Business Response
Jan, while we do strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every customer, we apparently did not do a great job this time. We appreciate the opportunity you gave us to learn from this experience. Perhaps you could give a chance in the future to re-earn your trust.
Nov 14, 2017 
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