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Posted 292 days ago

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I went in to finish all the suggested work...

Tobyhanna, PA

I went in to finish all the suggested work required for my car. I sat at the dealership for 4 hours with a crying baby because they didn't offer loaner cars for such little work. I finally left only to be called back an hour later that the car was done. I came to get my car and was told they only did half of the work I wanted done because "the other stuff can wait till later" I explained I live all the way in the poconos and had to take a day off just to get this done. The woman behind the desk named sierra said well you can go another month with out getting it done. *the point was I wanted it all finished right then and there* so she told me to just call when I wanted to finsih getting my car done. I leave I drive all the way back to the poconos when I see that the oil change I paid for the sticker was never changed so I have no idea when my next one is or if they even changed my oil at all. I called the dealership back no one from service picked up finally I got a sales rep who said he would leave a note for them to call me back Monday morning. I've been taking my car here since I brought it back in July and the only reason I was driving that far away from my house instead of the one in Dickson city was because of the service. If it was not for the woman working as the cashier on 4/1/17 I would have rated it 0 stars she was awesome she was the only that told me later on that they offer loaner cars for just oil changes Unfortunately it was too late for me by that point but I did appreciate her kindness and trying to help me out. The guy I normally deal with wasn't there and his presence was missed dearly I will be taking my car back just to get the sticker but I'm not to sure after that

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