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Posted 365 days ago

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I'll start by saying that i would never...

Philadelphia, PA

I'll start by saying that I would never ever take my car to a dealership unless it's something I could not do myself. And you seem to have a middle man between the mechanics and the customers which is the service desk. Sierra did in fact do her job to the extent of the description of her job, so my dissatisfaction does not fall on her shoulders. She did keep me in the loop and was accurate in when my car would be ready. It's the system I hate at dealerships. She is not Abraham (the technician). The service desk people are for idiots who don't know whats going on; they're like spokespersons. I should have been speaking directly to a mechanic because I had already done some trouble shooting and I could've saved some time. I'm smart enough to go directly to the person fixing my vehicle. And again it's not their fault, that's their job. But they are not as educated on the vehicle as they should be, especially if their job is to inform me on my vehicle because simply put they are NOT the mechanic. One thing I'll say is that Sierra is a happy and brightening person and she makes the calls to keep you informed. I think that's vital for a person like me who dislikes dealerships.

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