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Posted 105 days ago

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Let me be clear - this is all about doing...

Allentown, PA

Let me be clear - this is all about doing just a little more, and how that makes a difference in how a customer feels about their experience. Mike was my service rep and set up my appointment and was flexible with my inability to pick up my car right away due to some commitment on my end. He was pleasant and accommodating. When I went to pick up my car John in svc and Pam at the check out were, as always, pleasant, efficient and conversational. When I drove the car, all did indeed seem to be well with 4 new tires and new brakes and an oil change. Sounds like a great customer experience, right? What was not satisfactory was that I must have been sold the dirtiest tires in the shop. The tech did not even wipe the dirt off them so that the car had a good appearance when I picked it up and drove off. Maybe a small thing? Maybe I'm too picky?I spent over $1200 there yesterday for all the work done - which I consider a fair price. It just would have been thoughtful of your staff to wipe the tires off so that the car looks as good as it runs. And that would have exemplified good customer service to me, and would have upped my rating of my customer experience. I once went to a service dept at another dealership that would run my car through their car wash even when I only took it in for an oil change! Some difference in the consideration of the customer, and a perfect illustration of how a breakdown in any of the points in the process of customer service can determine how the customer feels about the service experience.Anne G. Huey2129 W. Walnut St.Allentown, PA 18104610-434-1483

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