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Posted 28 days ago

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I am overall disappointed with my...

Allentown, PA

I am overall disappointed with my experience at Ciocca Volkswagon. I still owe a large amount of money on my Jetta, and there were too many repairs that needed to be done withint the time that I bought it. This past service visit, I was quoted for $2,100. When I heard this number, I could not believe my ears. I understand that the car was not new when I bought it, but the brake levels, and tires should have been in better shape when the car was bought. I had to replace all 4 tires and all the brakes and roters within the year that I've owned the car. I was not told that the pollen filter and regular filter would cost $100. It seemed like the bill included every possible cost that could be given to me. Everything seems overpriced, and the mechanics changed out additional parts that I was unaware about. I am so frustrated with my buying experience.

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