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Posted 199 days ago

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Can i start by saying john middlecamp...

Kunkletown, PA

Can I start by saying John Middlecamp treated me like I bought my Tiguan at your dealership, which I regretfully say now I did not. I had a warranty from the dealership I had bought the car from, and when the "check engine" light came on, I went there first and asked for the repair. They told me they "pulled the code", but I would be better off at a Volkswagen dealer - as my car is most likely still under its power train warranty. I asked why I paid for the warranty from them, which they painfully tried to explain. I've had my car serviced at your dealership prior. I appreciate you have Saturday service and a nice waiting room where I can wait on my car, so I set up an internet appointment with your service dept, on a Saturday. John explained to me the problem with the car, and told me while I was at the end of the warranty period, he would talk to his superiors and they with VW, and he hoped to have good news for me on Wednesday owing to the 4th of July holiday. He called on Monday and left a message for me that he had good news for me and to call him Wednesday to set up an appointment. I called and we did set it up. Your dealership is just about one hour from my home and I drove down on Thursday and was ready to work from your waiting room. John offered me a ride to work but I told him I worked in NJ. John came in about 30 minutes after with the keys to a loaner. Now I get to mention I had left my license back at my house. After seeing my puppy dog eyes John again spoke to his management who again gave me good news, just send it via email which I did once I got home. John called later that afternoon and told me the repair would take into the next day, to keep the loaner and return on Friday afternoon, which I did. The best part comes next where I get a brand new turbo on my car and the bill was $0.00 thanks to Ciocca Volkswagen going above and beyond the call on multiple occasions this time. I guarantee you you'll now see me for all of the maintenance on my Tiguan, and when I am ready for my next one. You made a customer for life with this repair! I believe in spending my dollars where I am appreciated and at Ciocca, I know I am.To John and all the good folks at Ciocca Volkswagen - simple words on a page do not express enough how thankful I am.Sincerely yours,John Randall

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