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Posted 649 days ago

Confirmed Service Customer

The driver's window made noises when...

Bath, PA

The driver's window made noises when almost down and when almost up, and jerked half-way up. The problem was easily located and was covered by warranty. A transmission recall was on the work order. Doing that work made a tremendous difference in how Henrietta handles. She shifts easier, the gas pedal is smoother so I am happy. I still don't understand the brake noise & why it is not covered under warranty as a replacement part. This could be due to my thick head. A loaner car was given to me until the work would be completed. That made my life much easier. I love dealing with the evening lady at pick-up. She is knowledgeable and so nice and funny. Thank you all for the assessments and work to keep Henrietta in top shape. Ruth Werkheiser

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