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Posted 23 days ago

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I have no complaints. Everyone at the...

Nazareth, PA

I have no complaints. Everyone at the dealership has always been fine. I do have a suggestion/warning. Let begin with what i am accustomed to. My wife has an audi q5. When we go to have that car serviced the clientele are generally upscale yuppy people. Very nicely dressed. Why is this important? I have received loaner cars from the audi dealer. They are imaculant. As they should be, because no way in hell would they tolerate a filthy loaner. Their clothes are expensive, and are dry cleaned for work etc. You get the picture. So this is how this is important to "your" dealership. The car i was given was pretty filthy. If i had a suit, or nicer clothes on i would have been upset. It was very cold out, and maybe the wash bay was closed. I can get past it, but i know others may not be able to. So, it's just a friendly "heads up", your loaner car is filthy. Please view this information as it is intended. As a friendly, letting you know way. Your loaner needs attention.

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