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Posted 170 days ago

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My tiguan turned up with a dead battery...

Leesburg, FL

my Tiguan turned up with a dead battery while vacationing in Pennsylvania. I called the closest dealer which was Young VW in Easton on Friday, but they stated that they had no Saturday hours, and I would have to delay my departure until Monday assuming it only needed a battery. I called Ciocca VW, the service consultant John Middlecamp said he had 5 emergencies already for Saturday, but understanding my situation he said bring it down and he would help us get back on the road. My name is Steven Siegel, retired from VWGoA, former filed rep for both VW and then Audi at the end of my career. Also having worked in dealers for 30 years before my corporate job, I have to say that the level of professionalism and the quick service is the way I wanted my dealers to handle all customer concerns - even if they weren't "their" customers. FYI I worked for several Pa dealers during my career as a master tech for VW, Audi, & Porsche. I was a little shocked to find out that Young had no Saturday hours, and was glad to hear that Ciocca purchased the Audi franchise and hope they will offer the same service as I received last Saturday. I referred to it as a dealer being "customercentric". Steven SiegelAASM Audi area 75 - retired thank you again

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