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Posted 20 days ago

Confirmed Sales Customer

Last summer, i stopped by the ciocca vw...

Allentown, PA

Last summer, I stopped by the Ciocca VW dealership to inquire about the new VW Tiguan model coming out. The salesperson, Lea Svendsen, did an excellent job giving me the current update on availability. At that time, the Tiguan was not really available. After that, my new car fever died down. However, considering the state of my aging vehicle, I returned to see Lea in December to consider the VW Golf Alltrack. We did a test drive back to my home so my spouse could also look it over and try the seating position. Went back to the dealership and made a fair deal on the Alltrack. I have no buyer's remorse, and feeling quite happy with the new VW. The car has excellent driving dynamics compared to our previous ride and probably all currently available crossovers on the market. We are looking forward to the fuel economy, reliability, and utility of the Alltrack.

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