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Posted 80 days ago

Confirmed Sales Customer

Well i'll start by saying the experience...

Archbald, PA

Well I'll start by saying the experience with our initial salesman (Brian Kuntzman) was very positive. Now that I have the time to look back and reflect, it wasn't until the Sales Manager (Mike) got involved where it started going down hill. We did end up purchasing a car, but I now regret the decision. In fact, if we lived in a state where I could return the car, I would do it in an instant. All we were looking for was for someone to deal in good faith on a new vehicle and to get a fair trade-in for our vehicle, which was originally purchased from Ciocca VW. What we got was a lot of fast talk and numbers manipulation (adding some to the trade value and removing discounts on the car). In fact, he went out of his way to devalue our trade-in. Saying that we would be in store for high repair bills if we kept the car, making it seem like buying new was the only option. He even went as far as saying, he makes sure his wife is in a newer car under warranty because her safety is most important to him, insinuating that without purchasing a new car I would be less safe.Well, now that I see our car listed on your website and the price of it, I see now what his sales tactics (misleading and underhanded) were all about. A person that would do and say anything for a sale. The list price is $6,000 more than the original trade-in offer. In fact, it's more than double what that offer was. In my view, the purchasing of a new car is supposed to be a rewarding and positive experience. It's unfortunate that some people at dealerships view it as an opportunity to take advantage. I was just looking for a fair and honest transaction, it's unfortunate that wasn't what I received at Ciocca VW. Thank you for the lesson, I'll be sure to spend my money more wisely in the future.

Business Response
Thank you for letting us know about this situations. While we do strive for complete customers satisfaction 100% of the time, we apparently did not reach that this time. We appreciate the opportunity to grow and do better in the future.
Nov 04, 2017 
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